Saturday, June 8, 2013


I just learned a bunch about glucokinase, and am parking some of what I learned here:

Biotin- is a B vitamin that is used to process glucose. In the liver, biotin aids insulin in increasing the activity of the enzyme (glucokinase) responsible for glucose utilization. Supplementing with biotin when you take your insulin may drastically increase the activity of the glucokinase enzyme, causing an improvement in your blood sugar. In one study, Type 1 diabetics were given 16 mg of biotin a day for one week and their fasting glucose levels dropped by 50%. Try taking 16 mg a day in 3-4 even doses to see if your fasting blood glucose improves.  (Holiistic Online, 1998)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Banting's Nobel Prize Speech 1923

     Frederic Banting, with the help of Charles Best, and MacCleod, and a number of other people discovered insulin in the 1920's. When Banting received the Nobel prize back in 1923 for the discovery he made a speech that is a must read. In it he explains that the pancreas can regenerate. Frederick Banting's Nobel Prize Speech

    Here is one of my favorite quotes from the speech. I hope this gives all of you some hope:
      "Regardless of the severity of the disease, it has been found that by carefully adjusting the diet and the dose of insulin, all patients may be maintained sugar-free. Since this is possible, it is to be strongly advocated, because we have abundant evidence for the belief that there is regeneration of the islet cells of the pancreas when the strain thrown upon them by a high blood sugar is relieved. The increase in tolerance is evidenced by the decreasing-dosage of artificially administered insulin. In fact, in some moderately severe cases, the tolerance has increased sufficiently that they no longer require insulin"

-----when he says sugar-free- he means no sugar detected in the urine.