Thursday, May 30, 2013

A little scenario...

So here is what may have happened to my daughter. Picture a 5 year old child. They must get invited to more birthday parties than anyone on the planet, right? Their favorite foods are cupcakes, mac and cheese, juice boxes- you get the picture. Some 5 year olds are totally calm and relaxed with few periods of crying while others are, hmm let's just say -5 year olds get stressed too. So, getting back to my daughter- She was born with an intense look of concentration on her face which made her look angry- she has always had an intensity to her which may or may not mean high cortisol levels.
  She was an avid juice box drinker back when I thought juice was healthy. Goldfish crackers went nicely with the juice. High in salt(competes with potassium) and wheat (she is wheat intolerant). Her diet and personality already had her at risk for high blood sugar. Then her pediatrician recommended 4 vaccines to be given in the same day to get them over with. I thought that was a good idea, after all vaccines are good. A few weeks later, she gets a virus- complete with vomiting. Oh and did i mention it was during this time we had to spray our house for ants? So she's vomiting all over and I take her first to the Dr then to the ER- her blood sugar is over 800. What happens next? Nothing changes for about two years except we give her alot of insulin to regulate her numbers.
  If my daughter were given just enough insulin to get her into  a safe range, then adequate potassium and magnesium, a healthy diet which for her would have been dairy and wheat free, and nice little walks outside to exercise and destress- she may have recovered nicely.
 Instead we were told she can eat whatever she wants- after all she can't get diabetes- she already has it- and she just needs to give herself the right amount of insulin.
  Is there hope for people with long standing diabetes- you bet there is! I will post some of my findings in my next blog post.

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