Thursday, May 30, 2013

How most people get Diabetes

First I want to thank my now retired Chemistry Instructor, Professor Guitierez, from Mercer County Community College in NJ. He kept repeating the phrase "metabolic pathways" in his intriguing Cuban accent. I also want to thank the rest of my professors there who put up with all of my questions. I  graduated with an Associates Degree in Nursing this month.
   My inspiration for going to Nursing school was my daughter, now 12, with Type 1 Diabetes. I wanted to learn as much as possible to be able to figure out why Diabetes is on the rise (an understatement), what specifically causes it, and of course what can be done to prevent it, and help or cure those with it.
   I began studying for 4-8 hours a day, anything I could find about both type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes since 2007. I learned alot and began to think of everything as pieces to a puzzle. the biggest question I had was

Why? Why do people get Diabetes?

I have the answer for you. I have read through every theory I could find and will list some here.
Cow's Milk
Wheat allergy(food allergies)
A virus
Cortisone shots

I also studied the history of Diabetes beginning with the discovery of Insulin by Frederick Banting. It's a little known fact that Freddie also discovered that the pancreas can regenerate.

I followed every lead for cures that people have said have lessened the need for insulin or helped their children or themselves get off insulin completely.

I knew there had to be a common thread, an actual reason why Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and the only thing we are told we can do is to take our insulin shots and be compliant.

Well there are several common threads woven into why some groups of people get diabetes more readily than others and why it seems there are so many different theories why people get it.

The reason why people get diabetes is complicated but I will explain it simply first, then go into more detail. I will post websites and studies that corroborate my findings. My hope is that the medical community(which I'm about to join) and families with Diabetes will read this and decide for themselves.

The reason people get diabetes is due to low levels of potassium, and/or magnesium, and high levels of cortisol produced in their bodies.

It is the common thread in the above theories.
Vaccinations - cause your body to produce a high level of cortisol vaccination-causes-diabetes

Surgery- (and injury) stimulates the sympathetic nervous system- your body thinks it's in danger and produces more cortisol- raising your blood sugar.

Cow's milk-  I first want to point out why it doesn't cause diabetes in everyone who drinks it. Not everyone has trouble digesting it- and not everyone eats the same foods.  Allergies to milk(which are not always apparent) can cause high cortisol levels and if the allergies cause diarrhea you will lose potassium.

Wheat allergies- can cause high cortisol levels and loss of potassium when diarrhea is an issue.

A virus- causes electrolyte loss (loss of potassium) and may cause high cortisol levels.

Cortisone shots- same as having high cortisol in your body- it raises your blood sugar.

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